Shma on Metaphor Atar Hadari


Published: March 31st 2011

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Shma on Metaphor  by  Atar Hadari

Shma on Metaphor by Atar Hadari
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This month Sh’ma explores metaphor — those resonant images such as the Golden Calf, ladders to heaven, angels and demons, Jacob’s wrestling, and a warrior God — or a nurturing mother God — that surface throughout our literature, liturgy, and conversations. We know that much lies beneath these powerful images- some are harsh, confusing, and difficult.

Metaphoric language and imagery are not simple, but they enrich our relationship with text- they invite us to dig more deeply, to ask sharper questions, and to imagine a fuller range of meanings. These essays touch on metaphoric meaning not only in Jewish texts, but also in the Qur’an and the hotly contested poetry of T.S. Eliot.

Several essays — as well as the Roundtable — remind us of the ways in which seemingly mundane metaphoric imagery can evoke rich, interesting, and surprisingly complex responses.

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