Jerusalem {Resiliating Jerusalem} and Athens Hullin

ISBN: 9781491745687

Published: October 6th 2014


856 pages


Jerusalem {Resiliating Jerusalem} and Athens  by  Hullin

Jerusalem {Resiliating Jerusalem} and Athens by Hullin
October 6th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 856 pages | ISBN: 9781491745687 | 6.78 Mb

Jewish StudiesAthens.BUT BE CAREFUL THAT I DON?T ?SOMEHOW? DECEIVE YOU UNINTENTIONALLY (!!! ) BY PROFFERRING AN ILLEGITIMATE ACCOUNTING OF THE CHILD/TOKOU. [Republic 507a]*************************************************************************************Jerusalem.A Note from the Tanna Kamma:The laws regarding the release from vows hover in the air (having no Scriptural support).

The laws of Shabbat- of the Festival Offerings- and acts of trespass- are like mountains suspended by a hair- for there are but scant Scriptural foundation for them but there are numerous halakhot for them. Civil cases- Temple services- the regulations concerning purity and contamination- and the forbidden sexual relations- all of these have true and firm Scriptural support.AND IT IS THESE {the ones with true and firm Scriptural support) WHICH ARE THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE TORAH[The last Paragraph of Chapter One of the Hagigah Mishna- found at 10a-i of the Art Scroll rendition (with some modifications).

The passage is orchestrated by the Tanna Kamma.]

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