A God of Foreign Lands H. Nicholas Spinelli


Published: February 21st 2012



A God of Foreign Lands  by  H. Nicholas Spinelli

A God of Foreign Lands by H. Nicholas Spinelli
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Its 1941, the world is at War, and England stands alone against the German onslaught. A young Egyptologist at the Royal London Museum, Reginald Billings, in a burst of patriotic fervor joins the RAF and is assigned to an observation platform in the middle of the Egyptian desert. The lieutenants position soon becomes the target of a devastating air assault. But, three seconds before he is reduced to his subatomic particles the lieutenant is propelled down a narrow shaft into an underground temple where he discovers fifteen ancient scrolls that will render every text on Ancient Egypt obsolete.

Alive for now, the lieutenant must find a way out of his gilded prison and back to the safety of his own lines with both himself and the scrolls intact. However, safety, for the badly wounded lieutenant, proves to be an illusion. Others, with knowledge that an ancient secret is locked within the scrolls have learned of his discovery, and neither war nor distance will keep them from doing everything in their power to obtain the scrolls. From the battle fields of Egypt to the lush English countryside Lieutenant Billings now finds himself in a battle of wits with a nameless foe lead by the mysterious Mr.

Omar, not only for possession of the scrolls, but for is very survival.Sixty years later Professor Taylor, the current but soon to be ex-head curator of the University Museum of New York City, discovers an unopened box posted to the Royal London Museum in 1944, containing fifteen ancient Egyptian scrolls, and a journal penned by a Lieutenant Billings, RAF.

Overcome with curiosity, Professor Taylor races through the journal and is captivated by what he reads. But much to his chagrin, he soon discovers that deep within the shadows of his own museum lurks the very same Mr. Omar. And the last chapter regarding the scrolls is about to be played out, for neither time nor distance has diminished Mr. Omars need to possess them.

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