Four Days Of Silence Larry D. Clark


Published: April 13th 2006

Kindle Edition

264 pages


Four Days Of Silence  by  Larry D. Clark

Four Days Of Silence by Larry D. Clark
April 13th 2006 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 264 pages | ISBN: | 5.52 Mb

Four Days of Silence is what critics mean when they talk about good escapist entertainment. Drawing on many classic western conventions, but always maintaining an originality and freshness, Larry D. Clarks novel is a story of violence and brutality contrasted by gentleness and love. It is the story of Adam Chandler, willing to sacrifice everything to retrieve over 23 million dollars in gold taken from his great-grandfather by hostile Indians in the high Simcoe Mountains of Washington State.

Already, the lure of the gold has called three generations of Chandlers to their deaths. An Indian/white man love triangle over an Indian girl, an ancient legend surrounding intrusion of the Yakama Indians sacred land in the Simcoe Mountains, a curse carried by the Chandler family, and a volcanic eruption during Adam Chandlers own death ceremony add up to a page-turner. Chandler finds himself suspended over a bed of one hundred rattlesnakes - the death pit of his ancestors - at the hands of the Ancient Ones. He finally understands the Yakama Indians secret as he stares down at his great-grandfathers skeleton in the death pit.

The will of the Yakamas to preserve the secret of the Ancient Ones in the high Simcoes is as strong as Adam Chandlers will to fulfill his own familys destiny as both Levi Strongbull and Adam Chandler struggle over their individual compulsions and their love for the same woman.

From beginning to end, Four Days of Silence offers strong action and fine characterizations in an engrossing story that adds up to great entertainment and a quick read.

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